History of our company

We are a company founded in 1984, we have 35 years of experience and presence in the middle of tourist services. In an environment such as tourism services, and considering the demands of the clients who contract this type of services, it is difficult to stay when quality services are not offered and considering the level of competition existing in the branch of rental companies. cars (currently almost fifty companies in Guadalajara alone), is even more difficult because it also has to offer, security and competitive rates.

In March 2004 we decided to undertake the desire to expand our company by deciding to open a new branch in the port of Manzanillo, Colima where today we are the leaders and we are well positioned in the long-term rental market.

In 2017 we decided to grow towards the beaches of Jalisco, opening our third office in the city of Melaque, Jalisco, having great acceptance and managing to offer services for the foreign community that visits the place as well as for tourism in general, being currently the most great in this place and with the highest number of general customer acceptance.

Given that our last two offices (Manzanillo and Melaque) have arrivals at the same Manzanillo Colima airport and given the strong demand for foreign income, we decided in 2018 to open a new office at the Manzanillo Colima airport. In order to boost airport rental and provide better service to our clients, our newly opened office is a resounding success.

And because the clients, they made us know the need for a car rental company with our characteristics that we offer in service and the need that their friends and acquaintances have and the tourism in general of this service in the Ribera de Chapala Jalisco that includes Chapala, Ajijic, Jocotepec, San juan cósala, Tuxcueca, Tizapan el Alto and Mezcala, that is why this year 2019 in November we decided to open our fifth office in Ajijic, Jalisco hoping to offer our customers the best of our company.


V ensure the safety and comfort of our customers by offering them the opportunity to not worry about it, since that is our responsibility when providing our services.

A serve our collaborators and friends by providing the necessary support for the good care of their clients, as well as the fair and timely payment of their trust.

S ask our employees and officials for their maximum effort, granting them the opportunity for growth and development in their work skills, as well as a fair remuneration for their effort.

A ensure compliance with our social commitment, protecting our environment, avoiding as much as possible the waste of resources such as water, and using biodegradable materials that do not harm the environment in our work, as well as participating actively and through the allocation of resources in programs of social benefit.

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