Frequent questions


Frequent questions

In all our years of service we have received questions that clients frequently ask us to solve some of their doubts and the scope of our service for their greater comfort and confidence.

What are the requirements to rent a car?

Be over 20 years old
Have a driver's license
And have a credit card

Are your cars insured?

Our units are insured with wide coverage covering the rented unit and any damage caused.

What is the tolerance time for the return?

The tolerance time to return a car is one hour once you have completed the 24 hours of rent, from there extra hours will be charged.

What credit cards do you accept?

Our company offers the possibility of receiving any credit card.

How long do I have to cancel a reservation?

For cancellations, you must contact the office where I reserve the car directly and they will inform you if it will cost or not, depending on the time you have notified of its cancellation.

What should I do if I have a mishap with the car?

You should call the emergency numbers that were given to you when you received the unit, where trained personnel support you at all times.

Can someone else drive the vehicle that I rented?

If you only have to notify the office where you rent the car and send them via email the copy of the driver's license of the person you want to drive the unit (this service has no cost to the client).

What is the use of my personal data?

Regarding your personal data, they will be used only as provided by our privacy notice that appears on our website.

How can I make changes to my reservation?

To make any changes to your reservation, you must contact the office where you made your reservation so that they can tell you what to do.

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